The Tabby Colourpoint Rainbow Gallery

To illustrate the range of possible colours from breed number 13b11 to 13b20


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 General notes


Description of breed numbers and colours

The 10 breed numbers 13b11 to 13b20 split into these two subdivisions ...

Tabby Points:

Seal Tabby (13b11) : Chocolate Tabby (13b13) : Red Tabby (13b15)

Blue Tabby (13b12) : Lilac Tabby (13b14) :   Cream Tabby (13b17)

Tortie Tabby Points:

Seal Tortie Tabby (13b16) : Chocolate TortieTabby (13b19)

Blue Cream Tabby (13b18) : Lilac Cream Tabby (13b20)


General description of Tabby ColourPoints for information ...

 There should be clearly defined 'M' markings on the forehead, and the body fur should be pale. Around the eyes should be 'Spectacle' markings and the whisker pads should be spotted. The front legs should have broken rings from the toes upwards. Barring on the hind legs is confined to the upper leg and thigh, the back of the leg from toe to back being solid points colour. Ears solid colour but showing clear 'thumb' marks, which are less apparent in the paler, 'dilute' colours. Hair inside the ears is lighter, giving the appearance of a pale rim, like 'ermine', ear tufts lighter in colour. The tail should be with broken rings. The nose leather should be pinkish, outlined in pigment or to tone with the points. Finally, eye rims and paw pads in tone with the points.


Why these pages are here !!

This page is mainly for the benefit of folk who might be interested to see the range of possible colours in tabby colourpoint persians, possibly with a view to becoming the loving owner of one !

On the Rainbow Gallery are, or will be, pictures of typical tabby colourpoints in each of the 10 possible colours  The blank spaces indicate that we await a suitable picture from a club member ...

 There may be multiple examples of tabby colours for further comparison and illustration.

If anyone requires further information contact a committee member.



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