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The Tabby Colourpoint Cat Club was formed in 1984 by about 30 interested breeders. Monika Forster (Samoto) was elected as Chairman, a position she held till 2003 when she became President of the club.  During the early years Monika was ably assisted by Madeline McCallum (Amerimac) who served as secretary and who later became secretary to the Colourpoint BAC.  Maeve and Roger Lindars (Romae) were also active in the early years as was Chrissy Rowark (Impeza).  Membership was obviously small in the beginning but as the popularity of the breed grew so did the club membership reaching over 150 before settling back to around 100 as it is today.

The aims and objectives of the club are the promotion of the breeding of tabby colourpoints of good type in all colours of the points and to protect the interests and promote the welfare of tabby colourpoints.


The Tabby Colourpoint Cat Club is a small friendly club run by the members for the members and their cats.  The club produces an annual magazine and welcomes contributions from all. In addition it has for many years endorsed a show putting on special classes for tabby colourpoints.


For members old or new requiring any information, advice or just a chat the officers and committee members are just a phone call away. To join the club please complete the application form, which is on the Membership page.